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"nēbetjā" is an international placemaking team consulting, researching and educating in the following domains:

  • Urban planning, design and placemaking
  • Environmental geography
  • Design philosophy, concepts and strategy
  • Community empowerment
  • Creative economy and creative industries' management
  • Paradox management

In "nēbetjā", we spend most of our time :

  • Consulting and doing research;
  • Detecting problems and coming up with solutions for them;
  • Writing down and implementing research-based concepts, strategies, development programmes and any other plans; 
  • Helping change happen;
  • Facilitating workshops;
  • Speaking in front of various audiences, teaching, lecturing, and (hopefully) inspiring; 

We are a placemaking team that is deeply attached to respectful design skills and balanced leadership. We only offer what we know, understand and can do. 

Words written
Public presentations and lectures