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"nēbetjā"  is an international placemaking team working on consulting, research and education in the following domains:

  • Urban planning, design and placemaking
  • Environmental geography
  • Design philosophy, concepts and strategy
  • Community empowerment
  • Creative economy and creative industries management


From design concepts and planning strategies to technical guidelines, assesments and realization of projects. From bottom-up to top-down approaches, both being integrated within each other. From small and local communities to big and global cities. From private sector to the level of municipalities and states. Not to mention NGO`s.

From existing situation analysis to future scenario research. From quantitative data to qualitative content. From society and culture to environment and economics. Every problem implies solution and vice versa.

From design philosophy, geography and innovations in architecture to spatial and social planning. From creative and culture economy to sustainable business models and strategic management. From sensitive depth of heart to rational peak of mind. We believe in praxis of education as total integration of theory and practice.

From abstraction to concept and from prototype to functional solution. With a focus on places, structures and events we also like products. Whether it is a process design, cosy piece of furniture or meaningful urban environment object. In the process of making we have interiors and even exhibitions too.


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Rīgas kultūras telpa, vietas un cietoksnība | NEBETJA
Rīgas kultūras telpa, vietas un cietoksnība
Jānis Ķīnasts | 26 July

Rakstīt par Rīgas kultūru tās telpas (telpiskajā) un vietu (topogrāfiskajā, topoloģiskajā) kontekstā ir visai abstrakts uzdevums. Pirmkārt, minēto jēdzienu…

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Kastes mūsu apziņā un Rīgas ielās | NEBETJA
Kastes mūsu apziņā un Rīgas ielās
Jānis Ķīnasts | 07 June

Nekas no tā, ko mēs zinām un saprotam, nepieder mums. Var pat teikt, ka jebkura īpašība, ko saucam par cilvēcisku, ir kolektīvas apziņas rezultāts –…

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